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‘Revenge, Served Stone Cold’ 
Original linocut by Bad Diva Designs.

A modern-day Medusa biting back!

Linocut. Hand-printed on Zerkall print-making paper 150gsm (white) with Caligo relief ink (black) using a antique copy press and hand burnishing techniques.
* Please note: Each piece is hand-printed - due to the nature of the medium, each print will be unique, with slight differences and/or imperfectios.  It is particularly difficult printing such a large black background without losing the finer detail!
This is a limited edition of 50, so each print will be signed, named, dated and numbered accordingly. 

£5 from every print sold will be donated to VOICES - a Bath-based, survivor-led domestic abuse outreach organisation.
Due to the value of this item, it will be dispatched First Class, Recorded Delivery.
Prints should be sent out by 13th March, to allow for drying time.  They will be sent rolled up in a postal tube between sheets of acid-free tissue paper.  
This piece is a depiction of the character Audrey from the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, combined with the man-eating plant Audrey II, to portray a version of  the Classical Greek gorgon, Medusa. (representing female power, freedom, and transformation, but also a fierce vengeful streak).According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a beautiful mortal sibling of the Gorgons - hideous monster sisters.  Famed for her beauty, she was pursued and raped by Posiedon, then turned into a stony-gazed snake-haired monster by a jealous Athena for her misfortune. Consumed with rage at this injustice, she becomes the most feared of the Gorgons. Even after Medusa is slain, the power of her petrifying gaze lives on in her various scattered body parts, and spawns countless other legends in her wake.In the musical, Audrey is portrayed as a beautiful, but wistful and somewhat helpless character, a victim of domestic violence that is ultimately consumed by her famous namesake - the cunning and ruthless carnivorous plant, Audrey II. At the end of the musical, we see that, although Audrey II is also slain, cuttings from the killer plant’s body go on to spawn a new generation of monsters to avenge her death!This piece draws parallels between the two tales - the continued stigmatisation suffered by women that are victims of male violence - and playfully imagines the rebirth of Audrey and Audrey II as a modern-day Medusa - a Gorgon bent on wreaking her revenge for the injustices she has suffered.

Revenge, Served Stone Cold

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