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Artist Biography

Bad Diva is the working name of Somerset based multi-disciplined artist Vita Lillias Sunter.

Whilst working in a range of media - drawing, painting, digital media, and  3D arts -  her passions are for print-making and metalwork.

This website serves as a showcase for all aspects of Vita's creative output, and as such has two diffferent galleries - the Bad Diva Gallery for her printmaking and painting work, and the Metal Diva Gallery for her etching, fabrication and sculpture work. 

For any enquiries regarding sales or commissions for either discipline, please use the same email address, which can be found in the Contact section.

Bad Diva Designs

Vita’s work predominantly explores themes of female empowerment, sex positivity, and the reversal or subversion of traditional gender roles - always delivered with a playful, humorous twist!

Expanding on these themes, Vita’s interest lies in the portrayal of women in art and popular culture throughout the ages - particularly in Western/Eurocentric societies -  and how the wider cultural norms (and taboos) shape these portrayals; and by extension, how they impact on the expectations and treatment of women.

By exploring and subverting these tired and limiting stereotypes - for example, the portrayal of women as either the Virgin, the Mother, or the Whore; or the supposition that female empowerment is either granted by, or usurped from, men - the artist strives to challenge and dismiss these outdated notions with humour and irreverence.

Vita’s style draws inspiration from various sources, but recurrent themes include the juxtaposition of styles, eg. medieval art and pop culture imagery; the inclusion of Classic archetypes and quasi-religious iconography; and composition styles taking cues from traditional Western tattoo culture and Art Nouveau (the work of Alphonse Mucha being influential in regard to the flow of linework and borders)

Metal Diva 

Vita's metalwork combines precision fabrication with more organic, artistic and sculptural work, and her broad range of skills and experience has undoubtedly influenced her own practice.

Her background in props-making for TV and theatre has encouraged her keen eye for detail and artistic flair, as has her extensive experience of design, fabrication and installation of custom-made works of art and theatre sets for numerous festivals, including Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Fair, and many other high-profile events.

This artistic ability, combined with her relevent knowledge of structural integrity, construction methods, and the relevent H&S legistation has ensured her work is of an extremely high standard, and as such, much sought after.

Vita is available for custom work and commissions.

Artist Biography: Bio
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